The effectiveness and efficiency of advertising

The ad recall as measured by spontaneously remembered content
We do not merely analyse how many people remember an ad, but also whether the right brand is associated and the intended message has been understood.

How does your media mix perform? A cross-media analysis shows the extent to which each media contributes to the ad recall.

How much ad recall is generated by a campaign? You can see which of your advertising campaigns or designs is the most successful at which times, as measured by the advertising weight (through GRPs etc.).

The impact of advertising on the brand image can be observed through an on-going analysis of the image attributes in the competitive environment.



The PowerAd Track shows you

  • your advertising efficiency through a comparison of spending and recall
  • the advertising weight and success rates of your competitors
  • the point-for-point development of your ad recall through weekly analyses
  • comprehensive competitor-benchmarking
  • online access to weekly analyses and benchmarking via Dashboard

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