In December 2010 IMAS International together with its Partners founded the RedRay Research network.

Current members are CSA (FR), IFF Research (UK), MAFO-Institut (DE), Kuo (ES), Müller & Ass. (IT) and EP-Escritório de Pesquisa (Brazil). RedRay Research acts as a ”partnership of like-minded 
research agencies” and thereby as decentralised answer to multinational research-chains.

The aim of RedRay is to conduct together European and international market research studies based on the high local know-how of the partner institutes. Basis of this co-operation are high professional standards which ensure comparability and methodical consistence.

With the help of RedRay the IMAS Group, which is especially specialised with its affiliated companies and close co-operation partners in Eastern Europe, has notably enlarged its service package for Western Europe.

Especially big multinational companies benefit from this international alliance with distinctive local knowledge

RedRay Research